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This month my Ipsy bag came with this cute little card that said “you are beautiful pass it on.” overall, this bag was a bit of a disappointment (which I will get into in a moment) however, this is the cutest and most spacious bag I’ve ever gotten from Ipsy. I’m in love. Now let’s get into the products:


First let me say, this is probably the 8th blush I’ve gotten in a year of getting Ipsy bags. That’s way too much and no one in the world needs that much blush. I don’t even wear blush every day so why in the world would I need 8 of them. I barely even use the ones I have. So anyway, I can’t actually review this product because I’m giving it to a friend. I’m sure it’s a nice enough product but for the love of god Ipsy…. QUIT SENDING ME BLUSH



My second blending brush from Ipsy… I don’t wear eyeshadow so not useful. I am gonna keep it around in case I need it some day because I’m a makeup hoarder but my guess would be this will never be used.


This is a repairing hair mask by Ouai haircare. It retails for $32 for a pack of 3 masks which can be purchased here. I liked this product but I’m going to be completely honest (which is the point of this blog) I like the hair mask I use from the drug store better. This one has a strange scent and the other one makes my hair way softer. This mask is supposed to be made with way higher quality ingredients so if you’re into that this may be the product for you. However if you wanna save a lot of money and are looking for a hair mask… My suggestion is the L’Oreal total repair 5 damage treatment which can be purchased for a mere $5 here


The most redeeming product of my bag this month is this tarte liquid lipstick. 1. I love tarte. 2. I love liquid lipstick and 3. this shade though>>> I don’t have anything negative to say about this product whatsoever, it’s a yes from me. Can be purchased here for $20.



If you know me, you know I’m a complete sucker for a mud mask. I’m obsessed. This one is really nice, it goes on thinner and dries pretty quick. It’s not a huge time commitment because they recommend you leave it on for around 10 min, it’s important to wash it with cold water for the full effect. It left my skin oil free and feeling really good the next day. Overall you can tell it’s a high quality product however… I’m not going to be running out to purchase more at WAIT FOR IT…… $74 a bottle. Ouch. If you’re crazy and you still really want it you can purchase it here

All in all, this was one of my more disappointing glam bags, however I still feel like I got my money’s worth so that’s a win. If you want to start receiving your very own glam bag hit up this link and get me some points!!

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