Braids are super trendy these days. All the celebs are rocking what has been deemed as “boxer braids” so I figured I’d make a post about different kinds of braids.

French Braids

French braids are probably the most popular and well known of all the braids. They look like:


French braids are made by pulling the hair over the middle when you’re adding to the braid. A lot of people wear french braids as shown in the picture, one single french braid.

Dutch Braids/Boxer Braids/Dino Braids

These are very trendy right now and many celebs like the Kardashian/Jenner fam can be seen rocking these braids.


Dutch braids are made by pulling the hair under rather than over when adding to the braid. One of my favorite dutch braid looks is paired with space buns like you see in the first picture, although I feel I couldn’t personally pull it off and I tend to rock the pigtail dutch braids you see in the second pic.

Lace Braid

Lace braids are very popular when trying to do a braid with most of your hair down.


These braids are created by only pulling from one side rather than both, they can be done dutch style or french style.

Finally, the last style I want to cover is..


Cornrows are very well known, however, they take a lot of skill to execute.


One of the coolest things about cornrows is those that are really skilled at it can make designs and shapes using the braid. These are essentially very small and tight dutch braids. The precision it takes to have nice looking cornrows surpasses any other type of braiding in my opinion.

There are many other types of braids, such as fishtail and 4-strand braiding, I just decided to cover a few for this blog post!

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