There has been a lot of buzz around a new gel nail product. The Elite 99 Platinum Gel polish is supposed to be “super blinged” aka there’s a ton of glitter in it. Being that I’m a huge fan of Elite 99, gel nail polish, and all things glitter…. I decided to try it out. I purchased mine on Wish for $2, however the price has recently increased to $5 (assuming this is because of the demand for the product) and also you can purchase it on amazon for $5. I know that some people are uncomfortable making purchases with the Wish app. Regardless this is a cheap product. Now you have to have a light and the base and top coats already purchased in order to use the product so it can get pricier in that sense.

Here is the picture on the app:


Here is what I received:


I can’t seem to really get a good photo of the polish because of all the sparkles but here’s what it looks like on: (please excuse my nails, I recently had to cut them all super short due to some breakage)


The polish looks so good in person, and I really wish I could capture it better in a photo but I don’t have a nice camera that will focus on them. The polish is completely packed with glitter as it promised it would be and I really like it.

The only downside I found was that it took a little extra curing, the usual 30 seconds that my lamp cures wasn’t enough to make this gel polish completely solid. But overall, I think this product is worth the $5 if you like gel polish! It comes in so many other colors like pinks and golds and I’d really like to see those in person. Overall, I would recommend and will most likely purchase more.

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