Some feel that all nail polish is created equally, personally I do not feel that way. When it comes to your standard nail polish there are hundreds of brands to choose from at a variety of prices. This post will go through some of the most popular brands and tell you about them, benefits and disadvantages along with the price range they are in. Then you can decide if it’s worth your money or not.

First, the ever popular, Sally Hansen- Sally makes a variety of nail polishes, they have “Xtreme wear” “quick dry” “miracle gel” and their regular gel polish (which requires a UV light) therefore I won’t be reviewing it in this post.

The Xtreme wear is their most basic nail color. It sells for about $2-$3. which is soooo cheap. however, as with most things, you really do get what you pay for. The color is saturated, which is a definite plus, but it chips off within hours. This is not a longwear polish.

Quick Dry-Coming in at about $4 this nail polish is still cheap and a slight upgrade from the xtreme wear. It goes on saturated, but doesn’t stay for long. The upside is that this nail polish dries much quicker than the normal nail polish.

Miracle Gel- This nail polish requires both the polish and the special gel topcoat to work. The set of color and topcoat is about $15. This is a definite upgrade from the regular nail polish. It stays a  couple days and doesn’t chip near as easily. Although it’s $15 your mani will last days longer.

Essie-Essie is amazing in my opinion. At about $6-$9 it’s a bit more expensive. The downside of this polish is that you often need multiple coats to get a saturated color. However, it stays much longer than other polishes. Sometimes my nails won’t chip for a week, which is essentially unheard of using your typical nail lacquer.

OPI-OPI is often found in nail salons, so it’s obviously a higher quality nail polish. At about $8-$10 it can be a little more expensive but the range of colors is unheard of. Anything you want OPI most likely has it. OPI nail color tends to last a couple (2-3) days before chipping.

F.U.N Lacquer- This is not as popular of a brand as the others and generally you have to order these polishes online. However, the colors are beautiful in this collection. Ringing in at $12-$13 it’s a little pricey. But these colors are gorgeous and last for days. The glitters are just unlike any other brand I’ve seen. My personal favorite is the Black Holo Witch which comes highly endorsed by my favorite nail youtuber, simplynailogical.

So now that you know a little about some popular nail polishes, I hope you feel more prepared to make an informed decision about your next nail color.

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