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Welcome to Backpacker Publishing. Our main goal is to inspire you to take, or to let you walk in the shoes of those who did take, amazing adventures throughout the globe. We are centered around education, experience, history, and adventure. We want the world to come alive through the pages of our travel books and for you to come alive as you read them.


The new line of Backpacker Publishing books is coming Spring 2015. See sneak peaks of pictures from some of the adventures that our featured in our spring line below:

ireland hills photo: Ireland photo_lg_ireland1.jpg

Read Ron Dechard’s page turning memoir about his summer backpacking through Europe, First Backpacking Adventure: The Stories of our Ancestors. (The scenary of Ireland is pictured above).

bear in appalahian photo: bear in the woods cropPICT2438.jpg

Paul Reynard had enough close encounters with theseĀ  beasts in his novel, Just me, the Appalachian Air, and Smokey the Bear.

african landscape photo: african landscape TalaPhoto00161.jpg

Evan Howard’s tremendous journey through the coast of Africa opens your eyes to the continent like you have never seen before. Check out One with the Lions and it will change your life.

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