Module 6

I believe there is a correct amount of technology that should be included in the classroom and in a students learning. Too much and students will get distracted, too little and students might not be interested because it is boring. If you can find the right amount, students will be excited to use the technology to and can really impact their learning in a great way. For me when my teacher uses technology, other than a smart board to read off of a powerpoint, I am interested in the material. Thats why i feel that if teachers can find that right amount, it can potentially make a student excited about learning and very interested in the content that is being taught.

One thought on “Module 6”

  1. Hi Austin,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post, you made some really good points! I also agree that the right amount of technology is crucial if technology is going to be used in the classroom. It is important for teachers to understand this because if students are only using technology they will not get the complete verbal and physical learning skills that they need, but if there isn’t enough usage they will lack technology skills and resources that will help them. I also agree that technology can help bring excitement to the classroom and attract the students attention. I too get excited when my teacher introduces a new game, activity, or even video to the class. It helps the time pass by. Good post!

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