Module 3 post

As a future educator i plan on being the one to leave my differences at home. School is not a place for teacher to be enemies or argue, it is a place where all faculty should be working together to enhance the students learning and concentrating on giving each and every student an opportunity to succeed. Being a future P.E teacher, i plan on integrating different cultural games and sports, i want to acknowledge all individual and cultural differences, because that is what great teachers do. I will base instructions and content off different cultures, so i can be prepare for the unexpected. Also i will look at how each student interacts, listens, and comprehend instructions to see if i am making sense to them. I believe i am going to have wide range of races in my classes. The way ill handle that is by making sure i pick at least one game for each race there is, so not only am i having multicultural content, but the students will learn other cultural games and sports.

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