Module 3 post

As a future educator i plan on being the one to leave my differences at home. School is not a place for teacher to be enemies or argue, it is a place where all faculty should be working together to enhance the students learning and concentrating on giving each and every student an opportunity to succeed. Being a future P.E teacher, i plan on integrating different cultural games and sports, i want to acknowledge all individual and cultural differences, because that is what great teachers do. I will base instructions and content off different cultures, so i can be prepare for the unexpected. Also i will look at how each student interacts, listens, and comprehend instructions to see if i am making sense to them. I believe i am going to have wide range of races in my classes. The way ill handle that is by making sure i pick at least one game for each race there is, so not only am i having multicultural content, but the students will learn other cultural games and sports.

Module 2

I’ve seen parents be very active with a child learning at a young age. While i don’t know exactly what they did in terms of learning, their child grew up being one of the smartest in his grade. in my opinion, if parents are really into their child’s learning, it can lead to the student gaining lots of knowledge at a young age. The best part is that while the child continues to grow, so will their knowledge and content because learning new things is something they’re use too doing. It could also be that the child has more knowledge than the average kid and as they grow up kids become more curious which can lead that child to wanting to learn more things due to that curiosity. I can remember as a kid being the one to ask why to about everything. It was mainly because of curiosity, but i gain large amount of knowledge in different areas. The reason i became curious about things is due to the fact that my parents really were interested in my learning before i started school. once i started school, i made friends and what do friends do? they talk. That is probably the quickest young kids learn things is from their peers. I can’t even count how many times in a day that one my friends says something that i didn’t know and next i place it in my content for later and vice versa for my friends.