Week One Blog Post

Hello! My name is Austin Wolf. I am a junior here at UWW and am majoring in Physical Education with a minor in Health. My ideal plan is to graduate and find a job in a high school some where in southeastern Wisconsin. After a few years of working i would like to go and complete graduate school.

During school i have had many wonderful and experienced teachers that truly cared about their job and impacted me as a student and as a future educator. My high school science teacher Mrs. Massey was a teacher that i plan to follow in my future. She taught her class in a way that really allowed her to relate to her students, when she did that, she could use her tools to make the information she was giving fun and interesting towards the students. Students always did well in her class and i believe it because she made a way for each and every student to open their minds and basically want to learn in her class. Mrs. Massey inspired me to become a teacher even more by seeing what a teacher can do when they relate themselves to their students, make class fun and interesting, and seeing the results of students allowing themselves to learn. She is what i would consider a “good” or “great” teacher.

The reason i want to be i PE teacher is that i love sports, i love playing sports with kids and i feel the need to educate students on healthy lifestyles. I feel that its my job to tackle childhood obesity and to give students all the resources and information they need to be healthy and stay active.