September 25th, 2016

This week, I decided to write about the hacks that are happening at Yahoo right now.

Although, I guess I shouldn’t say “right now”…as the hack happened in 2014 and we are just NOW hearing about it.

The article didn’t really specify why it took so long for Yahoo users to find out about these hacks…which is extremely concerning to me. Someone at the company said they had just found out about it…but something about that sounds fishy to me. How does a massive company like Yahoo (or Verizon, who bought them out) not know about such a massive hack?

And we aren’t talking about a few months…it’s been two years.

It really makes me wonder why they would let the hack go on for so long without doing something about it, or at least telling users about it.



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  1. Cameron Schwarz said:

    I think it’s also interesting how they are letting people know after it has been 2 years. If it was as massive as the article says it was, there is no way they wouldn’t know soon after it happens. My best guess is that they were trying to save their reputation of being secure by not letting their users know. I have a couple questions for Yahoo after reading this; would you rather be known as insecure or not a trusted website? Do you think you made an ethical choice by not letting users know right away?

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