This week I wanted to talk about something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

With the election rapidly approaching, we tend to hear the phrase “Millennial voters” being thrown around a lot, specifically about how important our vote is.

Usually when you hear the word “Millennial”, it has sort of a negative connotation to it. Unfortunately. The older generation thinks we’re a technology-obsessed, passive generation who doesn’t care about many issues in the world.

Which is completely wrong. Not to mention offensive.

The media tends to do this. Working at a commercial station, I see and hear stories constantly about how entitled the millennials are, how little we actually care about issues, and how little informed we are on these issues.

Now more than ever, this election has proved that millennials are taking a stand and caring about what happens to our country, yet we continue to see articles and tv show hosts/radio hosts talk about how uneducated we are.


They pass us off as this technology-obsessed generation, which they deem a bad thing. Which could not be more wrong. The fact that we have advanced technology at our fingertips for our disposal is such a huge positive. We have more opportunity to educate ourselves now than we ever have. And we use it often.

So frankly I’m sick of hearing the older generation drone on and on about how passive millennials are.



September 25th, 2016

This week, I decided to write about the hacks that are happening at Yahoo right now.

Although, I guess I shouldn’t say “right now”…as the hack happened in 2014 and we are just NOW hearing about it.

The article didn’t really specify why it took so long for Yahoo users to find out about these hacks…which is extremely concerning to me. Someone at the company said they had just found out about it…but something about that sounds fishy to me. How does a massive company like Yahoo (or Verizon, who bought them out) not know about such a massive hack?

And we aren’t talking about a few months…it’s been two years.

It really makes me wonder why they would let the hack go on for so long without doing something about it, or at least telling users about it.