Week of May 2

May 10th, 2015

Spotify Tripled Its Losses in Two Years

This article truly shocked me.
I use Spotify on a daily basis, and yes, I pay for it. Not the $10 a month deal, but the student deal for $4.99 a month.

I thought everyone used this?? I mean, a majority of my closest friends pay for it, because in my opinion, you really can’t beat it. ¬†According to this article, Spotify lost $197 million in 2014! That’s insane! Apparently Spotify blames this profit loss on the cost of “product development, expansion and licensing”.

Also brought up in this article, the whole Taylor Swift deal. She refused to put her new album up on Spotify because she didn’t think it would be worth it, money-wise for her. I thought this was just a load of BS at first to be honest, but now looking at these numbers…she was probably right. Although I don’t forgive her for not letting me jam out to Shake It Off on a daily basis.