Week 3

February 8th, 2015

Advancing the Story Blog

This week I read a story from the “Advancing the Story” blog on Feedly. One headline that popped out to me was “Whatever Happened to Audio?”. This post went on to talk about how important it should be to teach students more about audio in the classroom. It emphasizes the need for journalism students to be well versed in all forms of multimedia.

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I believe this post is very important because, being in the radio business, audio is stressed a lot at my job. I’ve always been more of an audio person rather than a visual one, so I believe learning how to create quality audio production is of the utmost importance.

Like I said, I wish to go into the radio business as my career, so the fact that studies are showing a lack of audio knowledge is extremely concerning to me. Here at the radio station on campus, we are encouraged to have extensive audio production experience, and we take pride in our knowledge of it.

2 Responses to “Week 3”

  1. Alyssa Kirchen said:

    Hey Ashley! I would highly agree with this article, especially for the reasons that you listed. I am also a broadcasting major and find that this needs to be stressed a lot more in all spectrums of broadcasting. I feel that most people don’t understand how powerful audio is. Audio is what makes the visuals such as TV or Youtube videos come to life, otherwise they turn into confusing moving pictures. I also think that people lack the knowledge of what it takes to have quality audio. I have heard so many of my friends complain about certain viral videos they have watched because they can’t necessarily hear the commentary, which ruins the entire video. The same goes for radio stations and podcasts. If you can’t understand the content, because the levels are too low, too high or it sounds muffled, you lose your audience.

  2. Kyle said:

    Tell me more about where audio will fit into the future of the web. Is podcasting it? Is there something else out there? What hasn’t been done with it yet?

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