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January 31st, 2015

1.) Craig Custance

This is a blog I’ve been following for a long time, and it mainly focuses on the NHL.

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Greatest Strength: What I find to be extremely key in any blog entry is the personality of the blogger. I really enjoy when the blogger puts his/her opinions into the entry, to the point where you can tell what kind of person the blogger is. Craig puts a lot of character and charisma into his blog posts, and I believe that is his greatest strength.

The way that Craig’s blog gains community is by having his link on the NHL page on the ESPN website. That is actually how I originally found his blog; he wrote a really interesting piece on Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman a while back, and I’ve read his posts ever since.

Craig also has his social media in his bio, as well as a link for user content to be submitted. I believe this helps him gain a sense of camaraderie with his readers.

2.) That Lit Site

This blog focuses on quotes from great works of literature.

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Greatest Strength: While I wouldn’t say that this blog has a lot of content, the blogger posts several quotes a day from famous works of literature. I would say the greatest strength of this blog is the fact that there are various works to choose from. For example, you can look up full essays and interviews from authors and just regular people who send in their work. It also has a section for poetry that users can submit.

I found this blog while searching through a blogging website called Tumblr for a blog that had a lot of user content on it. By enabling users to submit their work, I believe it creates it’s own sense of community.

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Here in this section of the blog, there are ways to get in contact with the blogger. Having this section makes it easier for the user to feel connected to the creater.

3.) Adulting Blog

This blog is dedicated to teaching young adults tips and tricks to becoming a “real adult”.

The original format of this blog was kind of like an advice blog.

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Greatest Strength: The blogger Kelly Brown is in her mid-twenties, trying to learn how to function like a real adult in society. By her being the one giving advice to the users, it gives the reader a sense of understanding, because she is a very relatable person. Like I said previously, I believe having a personality and charisma is what makes a blog enjoyable and successful.

I found this blog while searching through Tumblr. What really made this blog successful was the book that came from it, “Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps”. This book has a collection of tips to become a fully functional member of society. I feel that this book made the blog popular and gave it a readership.

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In this section there are ways for the community to get involved and in contact with Kelly.


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