The Khasma Piano Duo put on an interesting and unique show on Friday night at the Light Recital Hall in the Center of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

The set consisted of six pinches, each more intricate than the last. The ladies played on a single piano, sitting side by side. Even though they were sitting for the majority of the time, their body language was described as “vibrant”; the tended to sway their bodies and bob their heads in order to show that they were into the music.

Some ways they used their bodies during the performance were that they played clusters of notes with their forearms, and during “Omaggio” by Lawrence Moss, they plucked notes from the strings inside of the piano.

The setting of the performance has an effect on how the audience experiences it, and when the lights in the audience were turned off, the stage was lit up very well, which made it easier to be extremely focused. On the surrounding walls, there were squares cut out made to look like a checkerboard of sorts, in order to enhance the sound and acoustics.

During the performance, a lot of people were having trouble keeping their heads up; it seemed that the peaceful and serene music made it difficult for them to stay awake.

The pience called “Clockwork 014589 II” by Symeon Waseen was a piece that kept the audiences’ attention, simply because of the way it was structured. The dynamics and changed from soft to loud made it almost impossible to not be captivated by the performance.