Life As An RA

September 24th, 2014

The Resident Assistant at any University is supposed to be a reliable, responsible adult who you can go to about anything. But have you ever stopped to imagine how stressful that is on the person them self? Senior Jordan M agreed to sit down and talk with me about what it was like to be a resident assistant here at UWW.

When asked about what made him choose to be an RA, he explained that he felt there was a lack of diversity in the position. “Mainly in the lack of Latinos on board,” he explained. He wanted to feel that Latino students felt welcome at the university, because he stated that as a freshman, he was disappointed with the lack of the ethnicity at the position.

One of course can only imagine the crazy things that Resident Assistants have seen. When posed with this question, Jordan went on to tell a story of his junior year as an RA. “Some of my residents reported weird sounds coming from the bathrooms, so I went in to investigate,” he explained. He then went on to discover that there were a male and female in the shower together, which of course was strictly prohibited. When Jordan tried to ask the two for their IDs so that he could write them up, they ran out of the building. “Turns out, they didn’t even go to the university; they were here a visiting friend,” Jordan laughed. “It was honestly so bizarre I didn’t even know how to react.”

Following that, Jordan went on to explain that the “friend” the male and female were visiting later came to him with a note, apologizing for everything. “He was super embarrassed and he wanted to make sure my opinion/view of him hadn’t changed just because of his friends,” Jordan explained. He then said that the boy coming to him very upset made him realize why he wanted to be an RA in the first place. “You never know the impact your decisions have on other people.”

When I asked Jordan if he ever had any regrets in becoming an RA, he explained that living where you work is something he wished was different. He said that sometimes it was hard to just be yourself at the dorm, but that overall he loved his job and was just grateful for the opportunity.

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