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“Well it’s about time” . . . is a response we have been hearing quite a bit since hatching the idea of this reunion. The brilliant minds behind it are former professor Gorden Hedahl and alumnus John Bill with onsite help from Leslie (Wallace) LaMuro. For several months these three have been making arrangements, contacting Theatre alumni and hoping this all comes together later this summer.

Gordon created a Facebook page if you are on Facebook check it out to see who is already planning to attend. We plan to update the  College website with the invite letter, order form and the online sign up. (Note: there are added fees with the online order form.) Currently on the Facebook page there are at least 59 who have responded that they are attending and many will bring significant others along with them, but in checking with the ticket office only 20 people so far have officially signed up. Let’s Get Busy People! The deadline to sign up and pay is Friday, July 10 by 4:00 pm, but earlier would be appreciated.

We are looking forward to alumni returning and reminiscing about old times, sharing their current endeavors, remembering the good ol’ college days and the crazy antics behind the scenes!

It seems to be a busy weekend so hotel accommodations in Whitewater are tight. So if you know someone who lives nearby or are not opposed to driving there are plenty of hotels/B &B’s in the area.

Dr. Fannie Hicklin plans to attend and is very excited to see faces from the past. We may have to do “slow head rolls” just to make her happy!

Friday, July 31 will be a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres informal gathering in the Greenhill Center of the Arts Atrium staring at 6 pm. The cost is $15 per person.

Saturday, August 1 will be a more formal dinner taking place in the Young Auditorium facility and the dinner choices are listed on the online survey monkey site: or on the forms linked below.

theatre reunion invite

theatre reunion letter.

theatre reunion order form

If you are someone who Tweets feel free to use these hashtags;

#uwwTDreunion, #slowneckrolls, #backstage@barnett

If you are planning to send the order forms in via mail please send to:

Leslie LaMuro, Theatre/Dance Department Room 2046, 800 West Main Street, Whitewater, WI 53190

Please make checks payable to: UW-Whitewater

You may also call the box office to make reservations and pay via phone with credit card. Box Office Call 262-472-2222

If this is successful reunions may happen more than once every 20 years! Please join us for one or both nights and see what it’s like to remember the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd!

If you have questions call 262-472-1228.