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The Media Arts Game Development Expo is a chance for students to submit work in several areas under any of the following categories: web video, game, digital arts and interactive design, writing and strategy, and audio.  The expo is a showcase of different kinds of work that are within the department.

Students develop these projects, some in teams and some individually, and most is done outside of the classroom.  The Expo is split up into three parts, starting with a panel discussion from 3:00 pm until about 3:45 pm.   Then is the actual expo, which is set up exhibition style from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  To end the night there will be a keynote speaker from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  Followed by the awarding of prizes.

This years panel discussion will be focusing on working in games and how to find work and get a job in the gaming industry.  The panel will consist of people that are working in the field.  The Expo portion will be open for people to walk around and look at each persons project.  There will be judges walking around during the expo, and will be able to provide feedback and commentary for the students on their projects.  The keynote speaker for this years expo will be Lindsay Grace.  Lindsay Grace is a professor at American University, he is also a game designer, programmer and artist.  For more information on Grace visit www.lgrace.com

While the panel and keynote are considered a little bit more “formal”, the expo allows students to come and go as they are able to.  All portions of the evening are held in Young Auditorium Fern Young Terrace.

For any questions or more information contact Jeff Herriott at herriotj@uww.edu