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Hicklin Studio Theatre and Barnett Theatre in the Greenhill Center of the Arts will be undergoing some great improvements in the coming months.  Both theatres will have improvements in the three following areas: lighting, sound and facilities.

Hicklin Studio Theatre Renovation

Improvements in Lighting:

  • Replacing dimming system
  • Reworking and expanding circutes
  • Installing LED house lighting system
  • Fixtures are being added so Hicklin and Barnett Theatres can function simultaneously
  • New lighting control board, ETC ION

Improvements in Sound:

  • Sound system designed and installed
  • Speakers not permanently installed but hung like lighting instruments for adaptability
  • Yamaha CL1 digital sound board, either in control booth or in space for live mixing

Improvements for the facility itself:

  • Risers are done
  • New seating
  • Sound isolation from atrium
  • New doors that will close silently
  • Protect mirrors (mirrors will stay for class)

Barnett Theatre Renovation

Improvements in lighting:

  • Expand circuitry
  • Upgrade operating system, electronic infrastructure upgraded
  • New ETC GIO sound board
  • Replacing house lights with LED
  • As well as LED front, down and cyc lights. CYC currently uses 37,000 watts and the LED’s will use less than 3000!

Improvements in sound:

  • Digital Yamaha CL5 will replace the analog sound board
  • 12 wireless mics are being added

Improvements in the facility:

  • Replacing the doors so they close silently
  • Expanding accessibility – seating will be changed to accommodate more handicap accessible seating

While some of these improvements are already in progress, the timeline is set for the next coming months.  FP & M electricians are working during this semester to prep for Barnett Theatre, which should be done by mid/end of May.  Hicklin Studio Theatre will follow in summer and will be finished by fall semester.  What this means for Summeround, which is usually held in Hicklin Studio Theatre, will now be held in Barnett Theatre.  This means that the seating that is usually in Hicklin Studio Theatre will now be ON stage in Barnett Theatre.  This provides a unique and exciting experience for audience members.  These improvements will be great to see this fall.