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The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival is held every year to encourage and help improve the quality of college and university theatre programs across the US.  The KC/ACTF allows for students to come to regional festivals and compete in different areas of theatre with the hopes of continuing on to nationals at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.  While they are at the regional festivals they are also able to attend workshops and symposiums, which is an effort to fulfill their goal of improving the quality of college and university theatre programs.  Students participate as Irene Ryan nominees, 10-minute play readings, full length play readings, or in the design/tech portion of the festival.

This year UW-Whitewater had large success at the Region III festival.  There were two pairs of Irene Ryan semifinalists, Rasell Holt, with partner Hannah Farajpanahi and Grace Yeager with partner Liz Ehrler, with Rasell Holt going on to the finals, a semifinalist in stage management, Alissa Krantz, and two semifinalists in make up, Kim Witte and Ann Ricca, with Ann Ricca going on to the finals and winning.

Along with these students, UW-Whitewater had a total of nine Irene Ryan nominees, along with their partners, and seven students in the design/tech portion.  These students are listed below:

Irene Ryan nominees:

  • Eric Pfeiffer
  • Peter Brian Kelly
  • Rasell Holt
  • Brandon Haut
  • Chris James
  • Jenn Samson
  • Adam O’Neil
  • Cory Hagen
  • Grace Yeager

Irene Ryan Partners:

  • Katie Krueger
  • Ryan Schwartz
  • Madison McCarthy
  • Makenna Paris-Day
  • Brittnay Meister
  • Conner Staples
  • Liz Ehrler (Grace Yeager’s partner)
  • Ken Wade
  • Hannah Farajpanahi (Rasell Holt’s partner)


  • Marguerite Frey
  • Tiffany Tesmer
  • Claire Kinder
  • Alissa Krantz
  • Kim Witte
  • Ann Ricca
  • Carolyn Barth

For more information on the KC/ACTF visit http://www.kcactf3.org/index.htm