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Does failure help you succeed in the future?

December 10th, 2014



Many times in the past, I have heard an older person in my life talk about how I should learn from my mistakes. At times, I found this to be true. But sometimes, it doesn’t always happen that way.

Some life failures make you realize what to do in the future do avoid the mistake. Other times, you don’t learn things from your life mistakes and you make them time and time again.


Steve Buttry on the other hand, is referring to failures in the business world.

In my opinion, I think business failures are good for a company if its in the early stages of the company. If the failure happens early, it gives the business owner a better grip on what NOT to do. And he can use that in his future business endeavors to make the RIGHT decisions.

However, if the business failure comes late in the life of the business he is forced to make another decision for an income and he might not ever have a real chance at making money.

In closing, I think failures, both personal and business are good. The earlier they happen, the better of you will be.

What do you think?


Ray Rice let back into NFL-Storify

December 5th, 2014


Too many sites to keep up with!

December 2nd, 2014


Have you ever felt that you had too many things to keep up with? Too many birthdays? Too many assignments? Too many phone numbers?

Well, this weeks blog is about another thing thats becoming hard to keep track of…social media.

social media

At first, social media is something that is supposed to take your mind off of the world around you and give you a chance to share moments and get instant updates from your friends and favorite celebrities.

However, in my opinion, there are way too many sites to keep up with. Lets count them out here:

1. Myspace

2. Facebook

3. Twitter

4. Instagram

6. Vine

7. Flickr

8. Tumblr

9. Foursquare

Thats 9 sites that you have to keep up with, thats 9 sites that you have to constantly update to keep all your friends in tune with what you are doing. That number is overwhelming, and often times some of these sites are abandoned.

For Steve Buttry, he abandoned the sites foursquare and Tumblr. Foursquare is a site used to share your location with friends while Tumblr is a site used for sharing photos and videos with your followers.

For me, I enjoy using social media, but I often find that having these sites can be difficult to constantly update. The ones I use most are Twitter (daily), Instagram (daily) and Facebook (every other day) . I use Vine sparingly, but thats only when I am realllyyyyy bored.

There are a lot of sites out there for you to use. It honestly just comes down to which sites interest you the most and what you want your followers to know.

So my question to you is, which social media sites do you use, and why? And do you ever find it difficult to keep up with the sites that you prefer to use?


What are you thankful for?

November 26th, 2014

This week, billions of families will get together to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Each family does it different, but no matter what the family tradition may be, every family has each other, good food, laughter and football.


This year, I will be celebrating with my family down in Rockford, Illinois. My family has a Jehovah Witness background, so we don’t actually celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, but we use it as a time to come together, share good times and catch up on the things that we may have missed out on as a family while we are all in different cities and states throughout the year living our lives.


Thanksgiving for me, is a time to reflect on my life in its current state. I look at how far I have came from the young boy I once was and how I’ve grown to become the young man I am today. At the same time, I look forward to continuing my hard work en route to becoming the man that I some day wish to be.

Thanksgiving is also a time for me to lay back and relax, and take my mind off of school and work. Just really enjoy family time and be thankful that my life is the way it is. Some people out in the world are a lot worse off than I am, and I thank God every day that I am not in certain situations that I see on TV that.

This Thanksgiving weekend would also be great if the Badgers beat the Minnesota Golden Gophers Saturday afternoon, the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Houston Rockets Saturday night, and the Green Bay Packers beat the New England Patriots Sunday afternoon.

packers bucks badgers

So now that you know what Thanksgiving means to me, what does it mean to you?

If you had to run a site, which user comment would you use?

November 18th, 2014


One of the things a website owner would have to think about is the type of comment sections they would implement on their website.

Comments are an excellent thing, they bring more people to your website, and if a comment sparks a good debate there will be more people visiting, which could potentially build a new audience for your website.

There are six types of comment moderations you can choose from. Theres the full moderation method, which requires all comments to be approved by a editor before they can go on a site. Then theres the user enforced method, which rely on the users of the site to moderate the content of the site. This is the most often used comment moderation type. Then theres the preemptive disabling of the comment section, which disables users from writing comments on a particular type of story. Next theres the voting of comments type of section, this allows users to vote on comments if they like/dislike whatever their fellow reader had to say. Lastly, theres the Facebook comment type of moderation. This allows people to put a name to a face, and gives them the possibility to connect with people if they choose to do so.

So, back to my initial question, if you had to start a website tomorrow, which comment moderation type would you use and why would you choose that particular type?


How college tests prepare you for the real world!

November 11th, 2014


Today (November 11th) I took my written exam for the Milwaukee Police Department. As I sat in the 3 hour 20 minute exam, I could not help but notice how easy some of the sections were. I can only attribute this to one thing, college.

The test contained three portions: ability, life skills and work behavior questions. Only the ability section was hard, but it was enough to make me ( a pretty intellectual guy if I do say so myself) stumble up a couple times. It was so severe that a couple people around me (visibly in their mid 30s to early 40s) get up and just walk out of the exam, disqualifying them from the selection process.

When I turned my test in, I was thankful that I had gotten through the exam without any stress, and eager to find out what I got. Another thing that was on my mind, was how much easier this test was on me because of classes in college that prepare me for something to rigorous.


It’s fairly easy to say that the younger you are, the better you will be in applying yourself in classroom type situations. This is where all the cramming, study sessions, study guides and tutor sessions helped out. I knew that I had to pace myself and focus on the hardest section first, knowing that I could zoom through the rest of the test once I finished the difficult section. As for some of my other counterparts, well they weren’t so lucky. Life has taken over and they had other responsibilities other than school to worry about, so some of them had abandoned their study skills, which made the already hard test…that much more difficult.

When you go to college, it’s supposed to gear you up for the real world. For most people, it does. But for me, college prepared me to apply the things I learned in the real world. And for that, I will forever be thankful.

Old journal sentinel buildings possible site for new Bucks arena

November 4th, 2014


When you think of a city, most of the time the sports teams that are based out of those cities come into mind.

When people think of Milwaukee, they think of 3 things:

1. Beer

2. Cheese

3. How bad the Milwaukee Bucks traditionally are

The first two, most Milwaukee residents are fine with. However, the news about the Bucks is nothing new to them. However, most people around town have heard of the thought of the Bucks getting a new arena to play in.

After being bought by new owners Marc Lasry and Wes Edens in April for 550 million from former owner Senator Herb Kohl, part of the deal was that the city needed to build a new arena, because the one that they currently play in do not meet NBA standards. If not built within the next 3-4 years, the NBA would buy the team back and potentially move them out of the city. Thankfully, the owners have been moving fairly quickly on a new arena and hope to announce the plans to the public within 60 days.

One of the possible sites for the new arena is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel current and former headquarters. The two sites span 2 blocks north/south and 2 blocks east/west, which would be more than adequate space for a new arena. The former building currently stands vacant and the current building is currently way underutilized due to the Journal Sentinel cutting back on staff.

There has been a fair amount of uproar from the public about who will finance the arena. Most residents don’t go to games because the team is bad and doesn’t gain the communities attention. However, there is new players, a new coaching staff and owners all working together to garner excitement for the team and quite frankly a new arena.

As a resident of Milwaukee, I would LOVE to see the new arena built. There are a lot of projects (such as high rise apartments, malls, restaurants and sky scrapers) going on right now in efforts to revitalize the downtown Milwaukee and lake front area.

I love the thought, but what will the Journal Sentinel do if it’s headquarters are sold?

Would a teacher being active on Twitter help students?

October 28th, 2014


If your teacher created a twitter page for your class, would you be more active? Would it help you any way?

This question was asked in one of Steve Buttry’s latest blogs.

In my opinion, having a twitter page for each of my classes would help me a great deal. The teacher wouldn’t have to use the page as much as us younger folks do. However, if the teacher updated the past even a couple times a week would be very helpful. For example, the page would allow instant feedback between teacher and student in regards to questions about assignments, when projects are due and any problems that may come up to a student while completing a assignment. Of course, all of these questions can be asked via email and in class, but sometimes people are afraid to ask questions in front of other people (I used to be one of those people) and sometimes ¬†numerous students email the same question to teachers multiple times.

Having a twitter page could solve all of them problems.

Last week when giving a speech last week at the Manship School of Communication, Buttry agreed with me.

Buttry tweeted out the question to his twitter followers during his speech and some of colleagues who are college professors had this to say:

“Great way to engage with students, quick answers”

“helps break down barriers between students and teachers. They see my personal life and I see theirs.”

“I learn more in Twitter chats than I suspect some students do in class! Engage to learn; experts abound who’re happy to share.”

Obviously, there are some teachers who have already adopted this new way of communication, and from their tweets, it seems that the students and the teachers have been satisfied with the results.

In closing, I think that teachers should create class twitter pages to: answer questions, form a better relationship and keep students updated. What do you think?

Aaron Payne’s Data Map

October 23rd, 2014


As a boss, do you really need to be active on social media?

October 21st, 2014


In most cases, no matter what business you are involved in, there is someone who is the top dog and calls the shots. Often times they are considered one thing..the boss.

To most workers, the boss is someone they almost never see. And if they do see them, it is not a good thing. Most bosses move in silence and only come around when need-be. Other times, they observe from a far and hire people to do most of the hands on work. The only exception to this would be some sports owners. For example, Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys runs the team, is the president and chief executive officer all is one.

But, the question is, does the owner of a company need to be active on social media, specifically twitter?


I say no. I think that you can run a successful business without your boss being on twitter. I’ll use Jerry Jones and Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Antannasio as examples.

Both are not active on twitter, however, both owners run very successful businesses with the Cowboys being valued at 3.2 billion and the Brewers being valued at 565 million. The numbers do not lie.

Lexi Mainland, editor of the NY Times interactive news desk, seems to disagree with me. In a series of tweets she posted on 10/17/2014, she said having a top editor (this is just journalism she is referring too) on twitter is very important because “they’re such great editors. they pick stuff to share and are great at pointing out why its worth paying attention.”

I say no its important for a boss to be active on twitter, but Lexi Mainland, who is sort of a boss herself says it is. What do you think?

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