Posted by: Angeline Herrick | 6th May, 2014

Mobile Web vs. Apps

Much of our commentary discussed the popularity of apps and mobile web, where apps have been steadily surpassing the mobile web as a popular choice for browsing for content. Many people wonder why this is, but it is very obvious, apps are better to much of the public.

apps_dominate_hires-resized-600The decline of the mobile web by Chris Dixon discusses why apps are better, and shows various graphs regarding the usage over the past year. It shows that in 2013, 80% of people’s time on a device was using apps, with a steady 6% increase in 2014.

Another graph shows statistics since 2007 that displayed the number of global users by the millions increasing rapidly as the decade moves on. Between 2013 and 2014, mobile users intercepted desktop users, and continues to grow throughout this year.

Dixon believes that mobile sites should really be doing better than apps, and that more companies are switching from web development to app development. The public views apps as better: there are no popups, they are easy to use, and they are a lot better than going to Safari or Chrome on your mobile device just to see a poorly formatted site.

Which do you like better?

Posted by: Angeline Herrick | 30th Apr, 2014

Facebook’s Near-By Feature

With our recent commentary of the use of social media, and how it truly helps businesses be closer to their audiences, friends closer to friends, and distance families closer to each other, I am not surprised with Facebook’s mobile app new feature. According to Mashable’s article, ‘Facebook Launches ‘Nearby Friends’ Location Feature for Meet-Ups IRL’, Facebook has recently added a new feature to their mobile app, which allows users to see what exact location you are in when activated.

smThis new feature is optional, but uses the mobile devices tracking system to locate your Facebook friends if you want to meet up with them. Personally, this is a foolish idea, and should not be allowed due to privacy reasons. If you want to meet up with one of your friends, text, call or Facebook message them – this feature is very redundant and unsafe.

Since there are so many ways now to keep in touch with other people, having a feature like this is really kind of pointless. If you want someone to know your exact location or want to meet up with someone, you could just tell them where you are other than having someone ‘creep’ on your location. Maybe it is just me, but I really do not see a benefit of this.

I also think that this particular feature could be unsafe to many people. Not only are there numerous fake Facebook accounts out there, there are a few instances where pedophiles make pages and add a bunch of young girls. If you add this particular person who says they are someone they’re not, you could really put yourself in danger if this person has access to your exact location.

I would definitely not use this feature, and I don’t really advice anyone to. Although I think it is very unsafe, since the article was released, it has had over 7,000 shares on Facebook, which means people are probably utilizing it.

Posted by: Angeline Herrick | 28th Apr, 2014

Tornado Storify

Posted by: Angeline Herrick | 22nd Apr, 2014

A New Tragedy

There is no doubt that the tragic events that happened to the South Korean ferry mysteriously sinking have caused a global outrage. The story is more and more devastating as time goes on, and there is nothing anyone can do about it except wait.

The latest news is that the captain had something to do with the ferry sinking, as he was the first one rescued while 200+ people were left to drown in the South Korean ocean. What makes this story even more heart breaking is the fact that most of the passengers were students and teachers on a school field trip. The death toll continues to rise as divers bring body by body back to shore, scared to even face the families who are waiting for their children.

vd-Ferry-408x264Although this story is disturbing, the amount of news surrounding the whole situation is incredible. Hourly updates are provided with a new number, a new theory and a new accusation of who caused this horrific accident.

Since we are learning about SEO and headline writing, I used a simple search engine, Google, to see what I could come up with. I simply Googled ‘Korean sinking boat’ and in nearly a half-second, over 42 million links were available to me regarding this tragedy.

Also, many of the headlines regarding this horrendous disaster are very eye-catching and even make me feel a lot of emotions while reading. One reads: Diver on sunken South Korean ferry: ‘We can’t even face the families’. This really makes my stomach churn to even try and think what these divers and families are going through. Another read: At least 105 bodies have been found, the coast card says. That headline specifically makes me cringe at how many people lost their lives, with the toll still rising.

It is amazing how website journalism can make you feel different based on their writing and headlines. Without this quick and easy-accessible journalism at our fingertips, I am positive no one in America would have heard about this misfortune until weeks after the ferry dropped.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives this weekend.



Posted by: Angeline Herrick | 15th Apr, 2014

Who Has the World’s Toughest Job?


This week, Mashable posted an article with a video link to something a company likes to call the ‘World’s Toughest Job’. Although I don’t want to give away the ending, you all should go and watch this great video, and learn to appreciate the most important things in life. I have very, very high emotional contagion, so if you are anything like me, you will cry.

momThe video contains 24 different applicants who applied for this job, which had the criteria on 24/7 work load without breaks, no vacation, and a salary of $0. Many of the applicant’s responses were very funny, saying that it was “inhumane” and “absolutely insane.”

The campaign revolves around a certain holiday each year, created by an ad agency called Mullen, based out of the Boston area. If you end up watching this, please let me know what you thoughts.

With regards to our commentary revolving around comments, I took the liberty to read some of the comments after this video, and some were actually very disturbing. Some thought it was controversial, but in my opinion, the video was supporting a specific holiday, so I don’t believe that they should have been even saying what they were. Other comments were really happy and positive, which I liked to see.

It’s interesting to see how different comments can set you off. Some of the negative comments actually made me feel angry inside, whereas the positive comments made me smile. This video is a must see!!






Posted by: Angeline Herrick | 10th Apr, 2014

Was Jesus Married?

Mashable recently posted an article regarding an ancient script of papyrus that had statements insinuating that Jesus was actually married when he was alive. When an anonymous person gave this script to a professor from the Divinity School at Harvard, she released this information to scientists who speculated whether or not the article was a fake.

Gospel-of-Jesus-WifePapyrus Mentioning Jesus’s Wife is Life Ancient and Not Fake, Scientists Say discusses the timeline of this papyrus’ journey and how it mentioned a line that read “and Jesus said to his wife…” In my opinion, I do not think Jesus was married, and I do think this is blasphemy. If Jesus was married, it would’ve been noted in the Bible numerous amounts of times, since Jesus’s whole life was recorded.

As far as our class goes, I wonder what kind of laws or copyrights were given to this type of script. I think that since it has arose so much controversy, the papyrus writing has not been given any sort of laws surrounding the word.

Also, since the writing looks like forgery to many scientists, they probably steered away from copywriting because it would be pointless. King said, “This gospel fragment provides a reason to reconsider what we thought we knew by asking what the role claims of Jesus’s marital status played historically in early Christian controversies of marriage, celibacy and family.” Although this professor thinks this way, I wonder, if Jesus was alive and these facts were untrue, he could sue this anonymous person or King for speaking negatively about his life. Ha!

Posted by: Angeline Herrick | 2nd Apr, 2014

How Fast Media Flies

We live in a technologically advanced world, where breaking news can be shared with the world in 10 seconds and where live coverage is spread among vast channels, making sure everyone in the world knows what is going on. What makes technology so incredible is the fact that news from thousands of miles away can be shared via Internet, and people from around the world can join together and make a change.

Since we are talking about website analytics and page views, it was interesting to see what people follow, and which pages get the most amounts of views.

220px-A_Malaysian_Airlines_A-330Many Americans are currently interested in where that Malaysian Airline disappeared to, and it is evident by the amount of shares each CNN story receives. The most recent article to date, was titled Flight 370 search: ‘It could take months, it could take years’. This immediately grabbed my attention when I saw it because of how mysterious the whole plan disappearance was. This article was posted at 6:00 pm today (I am writing this at 7:00 pm), and there has already been 2,000 Facebook shares on this story. That number doesn’t even account for the amount of likes, reads, retweets, and other social media-shares across the nation and world. News spreads, and fast.

It is interesting to see these types of numbers skyrocket as the news is released. I bet after awhile, this number will continue to decrease and decrease.

People view what people feel pertains to them. If someone is writing an article about global warming during the time this plane went missing and the breaking news went viral, the global warming video would be lost in the crowd. When it comes to online journalism, especially a news website, the site MUST be able to have the most up-to-date news to be considered relevant.

When it comes to a journalism site like our class project, I think involving outside stories like this one can really improve the site visitation. What do you think?

Also, please read this article about putting down your technology to help others! Definitely worth the read!




Posted by: Angeline Herrick | 16th Mar, 2014

Read This, then, Log Off!

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you’ve been a victim to this: comparing yourself on social media. Since we’ve been recently discussing the topic of website usage, social media can be extremely helpful to the metrics and views a webpage receives each week.

smIn more recent years, many websites like Mashable and Lifehacker publish their blog postings with an option to share their articles on social media sites. With this choice now available, the audience is supplemental to driving traffic to a webpage. Although social media can really help out a company, blog site or product, it does has negative effects on an individual.

Fast Company posted an article titled “Want to be happier? Stop comparing yourself to what you see on social media.” It made me realize that society really does carve what we think, speak and do. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are usually filled with people’s accomplishments, vacations and awesome gifts. They rarely show people’s struggles and insecurities.

I am definitely guilty of doing this, because I only post the best pictures of myself online, create posts that are directly reflecting my success, and using an anonymous Twitter account so I can post anything I want without feeling accountable for my actions. I think everyone can agree that they do some of the above, and it is kind of upsetting that society thinks this way.

instaI don’t see posting the positives a problem until it starts causing actual anxiety and depression. The article advises people to decrease the amount of time they spend on social media, don’t compare career paths to others, and focus on what in your life makes you happy. These three tips can really help myself and others who feel that social media is one big comparing party.

Start weaning away from the electronics, and living your life to the fullest! Share the happy, sad and exciting times with those around you, don’t brag to a bunch of followers or friends who really don’t care. Not saying I’m going to start posting the hideous pictures of myself, or not talk about vacations I go on, but I’m definitely going to limit my usage of these sites and start living in the moment, technology free!




Posted by: Angeline Herrick | 11th Mar, 2014

Will Flappy Bird return?


The game Flappy Bird, which by now, everyone has probably heard of, was mysteriously erased from the Apple Store from the orders of its creator Dong Nguyen. The game is highly addictive and even caused some people to break their electronic devices!

Rolling Stones was able to contact Nguyen for an interview to discuss why he erased the game and that he was actually considering making it available again. Since the games overnight popularity skyrocketed back in February, Nguyen continued to make tens of thousands of dollars off the people who still have it downloaded on their devices. There are even devices being sold on Ebay that are selling for thousands of dollars to obtain and device with this highly addictive game.

Nguyen discussed in an interview that he was getting death threats and even contemplating suicide after the games popularity arose, and now that he discontinued it, he is relieved. “I can’t go back to my life before, but I am good now,” Nguyen said.

images (1)

If I were in this creators shoes, I would log off of social media and cash in those checks. When the game was out, Nguyen was making almost 55k daily in revenue. That is definitely worth being harassed via Internet.

What are your thoughts on this addictive game? Although I’ve played it twice and died instantly both times, I think that videogames are a waste of time and I know when to quit. Do you think Nguyen should re-release? What would you do in his shoes?


Posted by: Angeline Herrick | 6th Mar, 2014

Communication Mistakes Between Couples

As my boyfriend and I wrap up another year together, I enjoyed this read by Lifehacker, as it relates to my relationship sometimes. “Five Communication Mistakes Almost Every Couple Makes” really put into perspective how my boyfriend and I communicate to one another. Here were the tips:

mind readerTalking more doesn’t necessarily mean more results. Just because you communicate A LOT, or talk your significant other’s ear off, does not mean you are going to solve an issue or be on the same page. Less, more thoughtful talking is actually a more beneficially way to communicate and solve problems in a relationship.

Humans cannot read minds. Although one may wish that their significant other knows what they’re thinking, this is not true. You can’t expect a guy to understand what you’re thinking, and guys cannot expect girls to understand what they are thinking.

Make it a two-way street. When you have something on your mind, say it. Don’t hold back how you are feeling otherwise your significant other is going to know you are a pushover and let a lot slide. This will only get worse as time goes on.


Fighting about nothing. The article uses, “harping on hopeless issues” but I believe that fighting over nothing is the most common fight in young couples. It is ineffective communication and can ultimately damage your relationship.

Points of view. Although this is extremely difficult, understanding each other’s point of view will lead to a successful relationship. It will help explain why the significant other is acting the way they are, and help you communicate together and fix the issues at hand.

I think these tips are extremely helpful in my current relationship because some of these mistakes my boyfriend and I make on a daily basis. I hope these can help you with not only your significant other, but in your interpersonal relationships as well!

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