Don’t be in the Dark About Sex

UW-Whitewater students received sexual education at a non-profit event organized by Greek Life, “Sex in the Dark.” The event broached a wide range of sexual topics including the prevalence and prevention of STDs and STIs.

“The most critical point in a defense against disease is simply an adequate understanding of the spread of disease and the various methods of prevention,” Jonathon Pierson, a Greek member and a speaker of the event professed. “None of this demands a medical understanding beyond elementary biology.”

Speakers stressed the importance of precautions in sexual activity, such as prophylactics, birth control and an open and honest discourse between partners:

“It’s up to you and your partner to safely navigate sexual situations, and you alone are responsible for educating yourself about the various forms of birth control,” Pierson stated. “If you are adequately educated on the advantages of the different tools of birth control and are confident with the sexual history of yourself and your lover, you can enjoy a safe love life.”

Recognizing that myths and misinformation about impregnation and disease still exist, a Q&A segment was included at the end of the event. This segment was conducted in the dark to protect the privacy of students who wished to participate.

“You really have to be critical about your sexual education, there are too many bogus out there,” Pierson urged. “Yes, you can still get pregnant having sex in water. Yes, you can still impregnate someone, even if you pull put.”

Stanley Davis, a sophomore, spoke highly of the event:

“I was a bit worried it would be a waste of time, but I did learn something new,” he told our reporter. “I had no idea the numbers were so high for students with STDs.”

“Sex in the Dark” is an ongoing Greek event, and the aim is to disseminate accurate medical information, which Pierson calls the “strongest weapon against STDs.”

“This is a continuing event, much like the struggle against any disease is,” Pierson told our reporter. “We’re going to keep doing this because every batch of new students needs information from a source that is credible and a source that understands that abstinence only education is absurd.”

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