Target Interview

During my informational interview with Jeremy from Target I asked him what were some major factors that got him to where he is today. Jeremy credited much of his success to what he learned as an AMA president. His involvement in AMA got him the advantage that he needed to enter the professional world at a higher level than most new hires. Applying the same work ethic that he learned from AMA, Jeremy rose up the ranks quickly at Target. Jeremy says that he spends a typical workday managing projects through the assistant managers on his team. He emphasized how important it is to not just do the task for someone when they are struggling with it but rather to show them how to do it so they can do it themselves in the future. Since Jeremy has done this with all of his assistant managers he feels confident with every task that he gives them and doesn’t feel the need to micromanage. When I asked Jeremy what he looked for in a candidate he is hiring he told me that he looks for leadership above all else. He stressed that if you don’t have a major leadership role on your resume then he won’t take a second look at you despite how impressive the rest of your experiences have been.

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Kohl’s Interview

When I did an informational interview with Kasey from Kohl’s, I asked why was communication with coworkers so important. Kasey told me that positive communication with your coworkers is essential to a positive work environment. He explained to me that in many ways your coworkers, or team become your second family. Sometimes when you notice that your coworkers are feeling down its your responsibility to pick them back up. Kasey says that being a therapist to your coworkers is one of the most important hats to wear in the retail environment. You have to be help each other through rough times for the good of the team and store, which will in turn, bring you closer to one another. You become great friends and it makes working no longer seem like work.

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Sherwin-Williams Interview

I had the opportunity to interview with a district manager from Sherwin-Williams. During the interview I asked him what his company’s competitive advantage was over other high-quality paint stores. He told me that when a product market like the paint industry reaches its mature phase, stores have the option of going inexpensive with low quality, or expensive with high quality. Sherwin-Williams chose to produce a high quality product at a higher price. Even though Sherwin-Williams products have an edge over other paint companies in product category, it really comes down to service. Businesses that buy from Sherwin-Williams go there because they know that any product they buy at the store will be the best and they will receive outstanding service. When product satisfaction and outstanding service are achieved then price becomes less relevant to the customer. Sherwin-Williams has higher priced paint and high quality products. In order for the customer to choose Sherwin-Williams over our competitors we needed to provide outstanding service. Sherwin-Williams set out to do this by having the person that greets customers at the door stay with that customer through checkout. People know that Sherwin-Williams will take care of them with whatever project they need our assistance with.

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Wal-Mart Interview

During my informational interview with our Wal-Mart store managers I asked what  were the most important things to focus on in order to move up in the company. They narrowed it down to three categories: networking, communication, and exceptional work.

Networking with your superiors allows you the opportunity to potentially get a mentor within your company. Networking and communication go hand and hand. Once you acquire a mentor it’s important to communicate your goals to them. If your mentor has an idea of where you want to go with your career he/she can guide you along the best path to get there. When questions or concerns arise you will have a skilled professional who will be able to help you work through the issue to find the best solution. Often times the mentors have at one point or another run into the same problem as their student. Finally, once you have been set on the proper path to success and you have the guiding hand of a mentor, you must make sure you go above and beyond what is expected of you. Going above and beyond what is expected will make you stand out to management. Its important to remember that recognition of your hard work might not be immediately recognized. It is more likely it will take time to be acknowledged.

If you network, show good communication skills, and have an unrivaled work ethic you will be move up in your company.

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