A Career in Marketing Research by Andy Dahl, Partner Applied PHD Research

Fascinating Side of a Marketing Research Career

Over the last ten years as a marketing research/strategy consultant, I have worked on a wide range of projects to help companies measure customer satisfaction, create advertising/branding campaigns, improve direct marketing efforts, launch new or revised products, and develop mobile marketing strategies, among many other interesting projects. What other role/career has the potential to influence so many different decisions?

What does this mean if you are interested in a marketing research career? Each day you have the opportunity to learn something new as you investigate different problems/opportunities of interest to your company (or a client if you work for a research firm). Moreover, with the rise of “Big Data” and increased importance of metrics in combination with new research techniques like social media and mobile-based research the field is constantly evolving. So while many students tend to think of research as a boring topic, or a required course I wouldn’t otherwise take, those who work in the field will tell you the constant change can make for a fascinating career choice. As Jeffrey Henning of Vovici wrote this state of flux also means opportunities for new grads that possess a solid understanding of the digital landscape along with a quantitative background. Additionally, the outlook for marketing research professionals is positive and expected to grow over the next several years. In fact, CNN Money named “Research Analyst” as the seventh best job in America in 2012, and one with the second-highest growth rate among those on their list.

Opportunities for marketing research careers exist within a number of different organizations – everything from manufacturers, retailers, and advertising agencies to major research companies like Nielsen, independent research companies, and consultants. The career path for most starts in some entry-level analyst or research assistant position and can move up to manager, director, or VP within corporations or to VP/partner within an independent research or consulting firm. While many companies look for someone with an MBA even for entry-level positions, there can be opportunities for those with prior experience you can gain through Creative Marketing Unlimited, internships, and other sources while here at UW-Whitewater.

Want to learn more about a potential career in marketing research? Check out the Quirk’s Research Careers blog as well as the site’s links to other resources that can help you learn more about marketing research and the latest trends. You can also learn more at the Marketing Research Association’s website and career guide about different positions and important skills to develop.

What do you think would be most exciting about a career in marketing research?

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Get to know your mentor

Students please don’t be afraid to get to know your mentor and let your mentor get to know you! A great topic start is asking them how they got to where they are or talking about your resume and what improvements you could use!

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Hello world!

Welcome to Blogs.uww.edu. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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