(When asked about her favorite memory in Alpha): "That's hard. Honestly, it is probably being there for my sisters when they need me and knowing that they will be there if I ever need them. (not really a specific memory but I have way too many good memories to pick just one). The reason I went Alpha is because it felt like home and it felt like I was in the right place. It was just a gut feeling that I was where I belonged" - Jennifer Sutcliffe, Affiliated Fall '10, Alpha Sigma President

"I decided to go greek because I needed a better group of friends that I know I can always rely on. My favorite memory so far has been competing in the Alpha Phi Alpha yard show competition and wining the competition." - Jalen Capesius, Affiliated Fall '13

"I chose to go Alpha Sigma for a lot of reasons. One of my favorites, though, is that our philanthropy is the American Cancer Society. I think that everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. It's a really awesome cause to support!" - Jese Klyzub, Affiliated Spring '14