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The Good, The Bad, and Whatever (Blog #4)

This weeks articles mainly have one goal; this is to either disprove or prove that technology is providing an educational or regressive forum for human intelligence. As easy as it may be to draw a line and assume that new… Continue Reading →

Loneliness and Facebook

When drawing a conclusion on whether or not something  makes you lonely, you must define what it means to be lonely and what it means to be alone. Being lonely is a mental state of being that is sadness due… Continue Reading →

Twitter and Tear Gas Summary

To an inexperienced eye, this chapter would seem to simply ramble on and on about the wars in Arabic countries cause by political uprising. In our class, we discuss how these circumstances are caused and why they arise. This chapter… Continue Reading →

Dog Poop and Privacy Matter – Commentary

Everyone and their mother posts daily about the trials and tribulations associated with living and breathing, but could this be a trap despite the habits ubiquity and endless renewal? I indeed believe that we are slowly placing our web-linked wrists… Continue Reading →

“It Takes a Village to Find a Phone” & “Love Online” – A Discussion

To overview these article is to cut down their worth and their mirrored  images to current society and its innermost workings. Both articles reflect and ponder upon the value of social media along with its pros, cons, and intimidating qualities…. Continue Reading →

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