Rolling Stones Journalist visits UW- Whitewater

April 8th, 2014

Tuesday April 1st   the former journalist Bill German for “The Rolling Stones” visited The University of Wisconsin Whitewater to give an outlook on his years that he traveled with the Rolling Stones.

“The Rolling Stones is a well-known English rock band that started in the 1960’s. The band consisted of the band members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Bill Wyman.

Bill German grew up in Brooklyn, New York and quickly became a fan of the Rolling Stones and their music.  

German said” they just sounded like the wildest guys I have ever heard, they had the strangest lyrics.” Their music was much more violent than anything I ever heard.

German didn’t take any interest in journalism until the age of 12, when his dad started bringing home a variety of newspapers for his family to read.  Shortly after that’s German thought about of writing about his favorite ban. He loved the journalist who did write about them.  So in essence he wanted to be like those journalist who previously or were currently writing about them.

So German decided to put that dream and belief into action.  German created “Beggars Banquet”. Beggars Banquet was the newsletter for the Rolling Stones.  German was only 16 years old when his fanzine was published.

To this day he still thanks the student from his high school that let him into the mimeograph room to publish fanzine.  At the time of his fanzine launch The Stones were living in New York, so it became paramount for German to make sure the Rolling Stones saw his fanzine. During the beginning stages of publication The Stones were somewhat easy access, they visited many night clubs. German introduced himself to Ronnie as he exited one of the clubs, since he could not get in himself.  He handed Ronnie the issue of Beggars Banquet, Ronnie then showed the issue to Keith as they were leaving.

German loved the Rolling Stones and raved about them. So then came his persistence, he did everything in his power to make sure the Stones received every issue of Beggars Banquet.  He went out of his way to drop off issues at their office.

German said “once he reached the legal drinking age which at the time was 18 years in New York. He began tracking down the stones at many of different clubs and events.

German formed a bond with The Rolling Stones but especially Keith Richards.  German spoke about a time when Richards invited him over to have an interview and sit down and talk for a bit. But by the time German finished up the newsletter and made it to Richards house, Richards was already sleep and it was about 1 a.m.

He was able to interview Keith 8 months later and he said it was well worth the wait. Keith gave him three hours of his time. And after interviewing Keith he got the chance to interview Mick as well. This also lasted around 2-3 hours.

Parts of those interviews began in appearing in the first issue of his fanzine in 1984. Keith insisted that their fans have something to read and to keep in touch. Because Mick was use to his work, they insisted that German be the one appointed to do so. So that’s the journey of a persistence journalist catching a break.

Jefferson county Board Meeting

March 18th, 2014

On Tuesday March 11th, the city of Jefferson  held its monthly County board meeting at the Jefferson County Court house. There were a number of reports that were up for approval  or discussion. The first thing that was up for review was the organization meeting time change for the board members. Secondly,a review of the county coroners perspective on how the position is going, the review that April should be proclaimed Child Abuse neglect prevention month, and lastly to rescind the resolution 2013-60 which deals with new sources of energy.

So normally County  board meeting shall commence at 7:00 pm, except for April meeting which start at 4:00 pm. The new ordinance or proposal was that the meetings in April should start at a later time. This new proposal shall allow people to leave their jobs and and have ample time to get to the board meetings in adequate amount of time. So it was proposed that the meeting shall start at 5:00 pm instead of 4 pm . The board voted and it was official that the board meetings shall take place at 5pm.

Secondly, Jefferson County Coroner Patrick Theder expressed his thoughts on the process of his position and expressed his concerns as well. His concern was that the county was 2,600 dollars over the budget and retrospect to the coroner position.

With child abuse very prevalent in our society, Jefferson County along with human services boar has a resolution and that resolution is to proclaim the month of April 2014 as Child Abuse and Neglect Month. Human Services board, at a Human Services board meeting approved a motion that recommended that the resolution be adopted. the votes were tallied and it was a unanimous decision, 28 yes-0 NO- 1 absent- 1 vacant.

The County of Jefferson is considering new ways of using new forms or waves of energy. Resolution 2013-60, is multitude of things. first of all a geothermal system would be needed.Geothermal can be  summarized by the drilling in the core of the earth , its heating and cooling. In order for the geothermal project to to commence there has to be a bid of 35,000 to begin. Whereas, to begin, there has to be drilling done at a well, which will cost an approximate $10,000 to continue with the design.With more specification and such, the total project will cost an approximate $345,000, with a 69 year payback in effect.

Final bids will be held March 18th, so some council members felt that it was best that the bids be pushed back until it makes fiscal sense. Council member Schroeder asked that the final paragraph of the resolution be rescinded and reworded.

So a vote was taking and the originally resolution was rescinded and  the final numbers were 28 yes, 0, no, 1 absent,1 vacant.



Get In The Zone

February 11th, 2014

There were a number of things that were addressed during the Whitewater Common Council  meeting,  but a number of things stood out to me. The announcement of the new K-9 unit was a very interesting topic,  also the housing and zoning regulation, and lastly the water and flooding problems in the city of Whitewater.Last Tuesdays Whitewater Common Council meeting  was held at  the City Municipal Building.

At the meeting on Tuesday Police Chief Lisa Otterbacher was present to present the news that the city of Whitewater will have its first K9 unit. The new K-9 dog hails from Cambpellsport ,WI where their training facility is located.

At the beginning of 2014 , The Whitewater Police Department was $12,000 shy of the their original goal to purchase a K-9 until a donation  was received from a  citizen in  the Milwaukee area.

The Whitewater Police Department has set a number of different goals for the new K-9 unit and they are as follows, the detection of controlled substances, the searching of people, and the teaching of the negative aspects of drugs in our community.

The start up cost of the community k-9 unit is to be about 45,000 , which is covering the cost dog and its training and etc.

The  detection of controlled substances are specified in detail below

  • during traffic stops and search warrants
  • in business and or vehicle searches
  • other related searches or arrests

Details for searching people

  • assist in the location of endangered and at risk adults and the location of missing children
  • track suspects

Teaching the negative aspects of drugs in the community

  • visit schools and churches
  • to better link the community and The Whitewater Police Department

If you would like to make any donations to the K-9 unit , the following website can give you the location and directions on how to donate and show your support.

There will be a formal swearing in ceremony in order for the K-9 unit to be treated as an officer, although no official date was announced for the ceremony.

The other  intriguing item that was on the agenda was the residential zoning  plan. The main proposals or objectives  of the zoning plan was the university housing and neighborhood preservation.

For example the current R2- only allows three unrelated people to live together in one structure.  However the proposed r-2A  zoning would allow an ” increase in occupancy” in a focused area near campus said consultant Dr. Larry Witzling.

The original R-2 stated that could be based on the number of  original bedrooms in a structure. Witzling urged that it would difficult to figure out the “original number” of bedrooms in some of the cities older properties.

An example of the R-2A discussion can be illustrated in such a way;

If their is a rental that allows 3 tenants on the lease and no more. But one tenant has a significant other who is at the property a majority of the time, would that be defined as over occupancy. That is the question that was being discussed.

With the R-2A focusing on college focused areas, will extend to West Center Street, South Summit Street, South Janesville Avenue, West Whitewater Avenue, and Fourth Street.

Another reason for the zoning project was the consideration of Whitewater residents and the willingness to live next to college students.

To further discuss this plan,  and expedite the zoning house the Whitewater Common Council will hold a meeting regarding this issue. The meeting will take place on Tuesday March 10th, 2014.


The last major issue that was covered at the Common Council meeting was the  water flooding question. There have been issues over several  years where citizens of Whitewater have had flooding problems on grounds of their home, usually in the backyard. The problem comes down to only so much water for the little amount of pipes.

The flooding has occurred in several areas around the town. Such as East Franklin Street, Summit Street, and between  Whiton and Highland streets.

In regards to the flooding problems on Frankin st, a citizen on that street by the name of Sherman James let his displeasure be known,. Sherman talked about for the past five years he has spoken to and urged city officials to do something and fix the flooding problems but little has been done.

Citizens and others who are in charge of this proposal have spoken with professionals and have done their studies to provide the common council with an estimates for the reconstruction of the pipes. Their primary goal is to establish a 10 year sewer system capacity while also having the ability to have a safe overland flood route to the west for rains that are greater than a 10 year storm event .

Alternative 1

  • Install 18 inch diameter pipe
  • Remove trees above ground to install pipes
  • 100 year overflow route
  • Total cost is 48,000

Alternative 2

  • 100 year storm center capacity
  • Requires 34 inch diameter pipe and three additional inlets( a pipe that would allows a substance to enter a machine or device)
  • Total Cost is approximately 62,000

Alternative 3

  • Eighteen  inch storm sewer would extend 90 ft. to the north
  • 100 year overflow route
  • Total  cost is approximately 73,000

Even Modeling is going viral

December 17th, 2013

According to this blog, Victoria s Secret is now going viral with their own new app for the iPhone series. This app is not just a video source or live show, its more than that. With this new application viewers of the app will be fed information on the model themselves, their specific outfits, and all the musical guest who will be performing as well.

I find this interesting that technology is going this far to showcase these models and such. Over the course of time what will technology bring us? This app will bring user insider information and other information that people watching on the television wont have the luxury. But if this an interest of yours or a hobby this new app is perfect for you .


Over the course of time the development of application for mobile devices are ever getting more useful and interesting but this one hit an all time high for me . But I did like how this blog was detailed in its analysis of what you can access via the new app. Also I thought the timing of this app and story was important because it was hours before the show so it wasn’t something people could put on the back burner then forget about later on, it was something that was interesting enough were as a user you had to tune into .



Cyber Monday

December 3rd, 2013

25 years ago many people and consumers would have never though the idea of online shopping would hit an all time high in sales.Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday, where shoppers are treated to online specials as opposed to camping out in malls and stores , and waiting in ridiculous lines.

Online sales for Cyber Monday increased by nearly 20 percent from 2012. This blog did a good job detailing the main reason for the increase in sales. One of the main reasons for the increase in sales was due to digital tablets. A grand total of nearly 12 percent accounted for tablets. This blog does a good job of being detailed in the exact numbers of sales, the author of this blog chose not to do much rounding up but give exact number.

I found it very interesting that mobile sales increased 55 percent year after year, but only counts for 17 percent of the sales on Cyber Monday. I wondering is the trend and popularity of cell phones  going on a decline since virtually everyone has one these days. Or it could be the fact that Black Friday has better sales on cell phones and that people only buy certain stuff they cant personally touch. I will definitely have to look into that more in depth.



Journalism is changing

November 25th, 2013

Everyone knows that the field of Journalism is ever changing and multiple skills are needed to keep up with the current changes and advancement in the field of journalism. The topic up for debate is whether or not journalist or journalism students should learn how to code. Coding is a programming skill that utilize the use of html and the designing of websites.

I believe this article does a good job of pointing of the importance of coding . The article states that the reason is ” to equip every student, mid career journalist, professor and graduate student with knowledge they need to learn technical skills for doing  journalism”. Not only does this article suggest the idea of learning how to code but the article tells you how to purchase and the cost of the suggested case.


The following link displays reasons that you need to learn how to code.


I find it great that each course is being taught by seasoned journalist with a a good reputation and high level of coding expertise. I find the ability to code important because you don’t know how your career is going to go or the direction you will head in. In regards to the ever changing industry its very vital and important to be well rounded and established with important journalistic skills. photo-main-300x225


ESPN Launches New APP

November 16th, 2013

With the 2014 Soccer World Cup occurring during the summer of 2014, ESPN has decided to partner with Mobovivo, which is an application management system that specializes in sports information and updates.  This new application allows users to access live sports statistics during a live broadcast. Also I believe the blog is doing a good job of informing you of the new app in a timely matter because the World Cup doesn’t take place until next summer, but it gives you time to anticipate the new app.

This blog does a good job of being detailed in the facts of the new ESPN app. Detailed in the fact that there was a question and answer format, which I thought was great. I feel like the question and answer aspect is very vital  becomes I feel like  the question and answer format allows the blog to be very specific and doesn’t allow the blog to ramble about random things. Because the blog posed specific questions and got specific  answers. There was not a bunch of rumbling that went on, just straight facts, which I enjoyed.

This blog does an incredible job of telling the exact details of the applications uses. For example the application allows users to view videos, trivia, and targeted advertisers.  Targeted advertising in this aspect  could lead to adds for upcoming soccer games and other soccer material.


espnsync screen480x480

The Reflections of a Newspaper

November 11th, 2013

I know that circulation for newspapers have fallen but no one would have  never  guessed their would be so many different types of mediums that news can be read. For example this article shows that  there are multiple mediums to engage in news or newspapers. such as Radio, Television, computer cellphone, internet smartphone, daily paper and tablet.  I dont think no one could have imagined there would be so many ways to view news even 20 years.

I found this website interesting  with the statistics.  Just the realization that 141 million individuals consume digital content from newspapers each month is so interesting, although I shouldn’t be surprised because this trend has been going on for a while now. Out of those 141 million individuals  only 40  million reading  directly from an actual paper.

This article does a great job of not only analyzes how many people read the paper but they also see how long they engage in the reading.  They illustrate the times people spend on certain mainstream sites such as NBC and New York Times.   When they compared the revenue sales later between Google and newspapers in general . It was astonishing that  Google grossed 5.1 billion in revenue as in comparison to newspapers in general which only grossed 3.4 billion.

Also the chart illustrated that print ad sales peaked 47.4 billion, but then they took a deep decline and only grossed 18.9 billion in 2012.  The reason for this is the different ways media is consumed and read on different platforms and medias. how mass is the medium 10.13.pptx how mass is the medium 10.13.pptx 2




Fans enter a new type of Hall of Fame

November 5th, 2013

Fans of professional and collegiate sports teams can not enter the Hall of Fame,  it may not be Canton, Cooperstown, or the basketball Hall of Fame but hey its still great. This blog does a great site of giving great detail on the history of the brief fan Hall of fame. They went into detail on how many votes were cast .

Fans who wish to show their fandom and apply for the ESPN fans hall of fame can apply here.  I found that they did a good job beind detailed and notifying fans of who will be the final judge . I feel like the blog could have done a better job of showing past winners or videos of some of the fans who applied, which could give and edge or advantage to future applicants.

When the application process is over and done with and it gets down to the voting I feel like ESPN does a good job of using social media to  promote voting. They will allow voting to be done on Fan Hallof They will also use the hashtag via twitter # HallofFame to promote and update the competition.


Screenshot (11)

Facebook goes International

October 26th, 2013

I find it very interesting that  Facebook has not partnered with any companies or television stations that are away from America. I feel like Facebook is a global phenomenon that will not slow down. I feel like they are doing the right thing by displaying and debuting the new on air tools on their most popular show.  By means, I feel like their going to promote Facebook and their show during prime time.

I  believe the new integration of data and polls on the actual set is very slick and will give on air and television audiences multiple ways. So it virtually gives to visual of data one on the set and one on the screen, as suppose to just one on the screen. Paul Mc Grath the executive producer of this new and improved digital effort went on to say ” that its literally part of the set and part of the show. Which I find to be pretty neat.

This site does a good job of not only talking about the new integration but also showing proof of it or a sample of the new look.  The old adage is that a picture is worth 1000 words and the sample picture allows you to see the unveil of the project , which I believe is perfect.